A course aimed at client facing staff and managers who are dealing directly with clients and their complex issues, whether via telephone, e-mail or face to face.


At Talking Therapy Clinic we believe a major part of the human story is about emotions and communication. These are areas that are dealt with on a daily basis by all sectors. Many industries are renowned for dealing with challenging situations of an emotive topic. Some find it difficult to curtail these emotions and communicate them appropriately. As a result, this challenges us to find new ways of interacting in order to be aware and then manage these difficult behaviours.

The best way we feel there is to deal with this, is by adopting a person centred approach to de-escalating and managing challenging behaviour

Violence and or aggression is extremely troubling for all. We therefore want to know how best to deal with it, if the need arises. It is now clear that most employers are realising their responsibility to their staff in equipping them with the appropriate resource and training.

There is therefore a need to be able to handle these challenges in a person centred and professional manner. It is to meet this need that led to the development of this training course.

This course focuses on the key area of understanding aggressive behaviours and creating boundaries:

What will this course do for you?

Many industries see a high turnover of staff, especially in the client facing areas. One of the many reasons cited for this is the feeling of being overwhelmed by challenging and difficult clients.The effect of this can be staff feeling stressed, absenteeism, illness and dis-engagement. In this course you will learn:

Person centred communication skills

Avoid creating aggression in others through your own responses

How aggressive behaviour develops

Know what to say and what not to say (de-escalation)

Learn skills that will help you spot when someone is a potential danger

Understand why people react the way that they do at times

Know what to do if you or a colleague is in a difficult situation

How to create your own risk assessment

How to become more comfortable in dealing with challenging clients

Learn how to stop taking things personally, to develop emotional intelligence, which leads to resilience

About Talking Therapy Clinic

Talking Therapy Clinic is an organisation that specialises in providing talking therapies with the aim of aiding clients presenting with emotional and or mental issues in finding a resolution to their ills. We also use our unique counselling knowledge to create bespoke training programmes that facilitates the learning from an angle steeped in premier communication skills.

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Work with a team of energetic and knowledgeable staff with a wealth of practical experience and strong theoretical and practical background.

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