Perpetrator Awareness Training

A one-day bespoke training workshop for professionals that work with survivors and perpetrators of Domestic abuse.


Domestic abuse is a public health time bomb waiting to detonate. Professionals working in this field can become jaded and desensitised to the everyday emotional demands that this field brings. The common view of professionals has always been to focus on the survivors of such abuse. This is of-course an essential part of this work, but what is also important but usually overlooked is the awareness and understanding about the perpetrator angle.

This unique training offers insight into the ways that Counsellors working on a perpetrator programme assess and treat clients presenting with violent and abusive behaviours. It answers frequently asked questions about this field of work and challenges the delegates on their pre-conceived view on the best way to affect change in this work. This training can benefit your organisation and better prepare your officers in their decision making.

This workshop starts at 10am and finishes no later than 4pm.

We divide this course into three distinct sections...

About Talking Therapy Clinic

Talking Therapy Clinic is an organisation that specialises in providing talking therapies with the aim of aiding clients presenting with emotional and or mental issues in finding a resolution to their ills. We also use our unique counselling knowledge to create bespoke training programmes that facilitates the learning from an angle steeped in premier communication skills.

Please note that the Perpetrator Aware Training was influenced by our work with Everyman Project perpetrator programme. This programme offers a unique service by being the only programme in the country that offers one to one counselling by Male counsellors to male clients. The programme consists of a 13 weekly one to one counselling sessions followed by a 16 weekly 2and a quarter hours group session. 

Clients come to the programme for help in stopping their violent and abusive behaviours. The programme has shown its efficacy over the years is challenging these men in stopping their behaviours.


We can deliver this workshop in-house. Prices starting from just £1000 for full day training programme. It is a cost effective way of doing things if you’ve got more than a few delegates to train.

Interested in this training? Send us a message below and we will get back to you.

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