Halcyon Programme

The Halycon Programme is a 30 week programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse.

who we are

We are a counselling organisation with the aim to prevent interpersonal violence, including domestic violence and abuse.  Our counsellors work with perpetrators to address the root causes of their abusive behaviours.

Halcyon Programme is a counselling service where all our counsellors are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

what we do


We work both with individuals needing support and with public sector agencies who make referrals to us or wish to develop joint services.

Our main focus is working with male perpetrators of domestic abuse and violence.For male perpetrators, we have developed a two-stage model based on principles of counselling. This is a 30-week programme which starts with a suitability assessment, followed by 15 weeks of one to one counselling and another 15 weeks of group counselling.  

We help break the cycle of abuse and violence by challenging, educating and supporting perpetrators to take responsibility for their actions, learn new skills to  stop current and prevent future abusive and violent behaviours.

The Halycon Programme is a 30 week programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Session: £80 

Please note that if you require a written report:

Interim report (after 10 sessions) – £100

Final report (after completion of entire 30 sessions) – £200  

10% Discounts are available to social services invoices

**Discount is calculated on the total cost of the programme including report invoiced by Social Services.

The final report will cover engagement, motivation, progress and recommendation.

The Halycon Programme is a service provided by Talking Therapy Clinic – a professional counselling organisation dedicated to providing one-to-one talking therapies to those seeking help to improve their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Ready to go?

Work with specialist trained psychotherapists to change abusive behaviour.

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